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Faculty: Dr. Enrico Guarino

Date & Time: August 2nd-3rd, 2024

Location: TBA



Broken into a 2 day course.


Day 1 8/2: PDO Thread Training

This comprehensive one-day PDO thread training will cover theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice. Participants will learn about the advantages of using PDO threads for facial and body rejuvenation, focusing on skin texture improvement and lifting effects. The training will explore the applications of PDO threads in face lifts, brow lifts, face contouring, neck rejuvenation, and other body areas. The benefits of combining PDO threads with other treatments such as Botox, fillers, bio-fillers, and other devices will be discussed.


Day 2 8/3: Biofiller Training

Bio filler is a pure biological gel made with the patient’s own blood plasma. By gently heating the plasma , we create a solid gel. We can then embed unheated prp into the gel allowing the growth factors from the platelets to be released slowly over time. This gives us a natural bio-filler that can be injected with a needle or cannula.


Because PBF is very forgiving, it is perfect for experts and beginners alike. Demand is very high and will continue to grow for natural fillers. Be the leader in your area for a more natural approach .


Covered in AAEG 1 day

  • How to make ultra-concentrated PRP.
  • How to make PRF for quick regenerative treatments.
  • How to extract autologous exosomes from platelets.
  • How to make Bio Fill plasma gel.
  • Learn how to program and use the Gel warmer for Bio Fill.
  • How to use needles and cannulas to inject Bio Fill.
  • How to perform a PRP Facial while cutting procedure time in half with new “market changing“ 6.5 cm diameter micro needling tip.

Miami Aug 2nd-3rd | Combination PDO Threads & BioFiller Class

$5,600.00 Regular Price
$4,600.00Sale Price
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